Cat Adoption? There’s an App for That


In a world of smartphone apps that runs from the sublime to the ridiculous, the Cat Adoption Team (CAT) in Sherwood, Ore., has released what may just be the most awesome app ever.

The CAT Android App brings you a small arsenal of tools and even a game to help you find the perfect feline to add to your life. It allows you to meet your potential new cat friend, e-mail the Cat Adoption Team, talk to staff members, visit CAT’s website, and get directions to the shelter.

The cat matching system uses the ASPCA’s Meet Your Match: Each cat is given a color code based on nine “Feline-ality” types based on their enjoyment of being petted and held; their playfulness, talkativeness, and activity level; and their responses to new people and things. Your survey answers will help to determine which cats will work best with your lifestyle and other pets.

The app shares a new adoptable cat each day with a brief description of him or her, along with the option of seeing more photos and more details about the cat’s Feline-ality.

It even offers a game, Match 9 Lives, whose goal is to match all nine cats in the top row and all nine cats in the bottom row with their correct icons in the middle row.

CAT volunteer Mitch Besser created the free app, which is available through the Android Market. Although the CAT App features only cats from CAT’s shelter, it is open-source, which means it probably could be adapted for other shelters as well.

One of the reviewers found another fun feature: If you pet the Cat Adoption Team logo, it meows, and if you touch it for two or three seconds, it starts to purr. How awesome is that?

A friend of mine in Seattle uses an app called One Bus Away to figure out the best bus routes to get from one place to another and find out when the bus will arrive at her stop. Maybe the CAT app should be called One Cat Away, because it makes finding a cat at least as easy as finding a bus and a lot more fun!

What a great way to use technology for the benefit of our feline friends! I hope shelters across the country will be inspired to develop a CAT app of their own.

I don’t know whether there are plans to make this app available for the iPhone, but maybe there’s a developer out there who would be willing to do so.

If you want to find out more about CAT and its history, check out this five-minute video:

(In a reader? Watch the video here.)

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