Car Wreck Wrecks My Chances of Being in the Driver’s Seat


Crate Your Pets While Driving

A woman flips her car after being distracted by her 2 cats in her lap. Anyone whose cats are allowed out of a crate during drives should read this story.

Hi, evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. I was a little upset this week to reed about a lady in Grand Junction, Colorado, hoo got in a car wrek because her two cats were havin’ a cat fite in her lap. She got distrakted and drove the car off the rode just like Toonces, and the car overternd. Anuther car and a semi-truck had to swerve off the road to avoid hitting the woman. The cats ran off after the aksident and have not been found. The woman was hospitalized but was not seriously injured. But even tho I’m upset abowt the cats not being found, I’m more upset becuz if Mr Tasty Face (the man hoo runs owr house) reeds this story he will never let me ride loose in the car agin.

The Food Lady and Mr Tasty Face let me out of my carrier on rode trips cuz I git the sqwerts and need to use the catbox a lot, so they don’t wunt me to have an aksident inside my carrier. (Which wood be VARY distrakting to the driver cuz I produce a lot of stink molecules.) So I gess I’m gonna hafta go shopping on the innernets for a kyoot booster/safety seet like the hot pink pleather one on the right cuz I woodn’t wunt to miss a good rode trip. I know Mr Tasty Face woodn’t wunt me to end up being scraped off I5 like a scene frum that classik moovey, Red Assfalt.

If yoo have a cat safety seet to recummend, leeve a note in the comments!

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