Call out “Bitey, Stroller!” and He’s There!


Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. As part of Strollin’ Week on The Cat’s Meow, I’m kriss-krossing the country to purr with strollin’ cats about strolling so you can see what all the fuss is about!

Today, I’m interviewing one of my oldest and deerest frends, Bitey, hoo lives in Pencil-vania.

Skeezix: How long have you bin strolling, Bitey?
I’ve been strolling since Christmas 2006.

Skeezix: What prompted yer peepul to get you a stroller?
I kept running outside and escaping, leading my parents on a chase around the neighborhood – hissing and growling. Mom thought that if I could go out in a controlled way, it might solve that problem. And, knock on wood, it has!

Skeezix: What model of stroller do you have?
I’m stuck with a cheapo $25 eBay model.

Skeezix: What do you like about this model?
I liked that it was cheap since I didn’t know if I would like strollering.

Skeezix: What do you dislike about this model?
It’s hard to steer with one hand, and mom kicks the wheels when she walks behind it.

Skeezix: Wood you rekummend it to a frend?
I’d recommend it as a beginner stroller, but not for the serious strolling enthusiast. Mom always said she’d upgrade it if I liked strolling. Um, I’m still waiting for that upgrade…

Skeezix: How often do you stroll?
Not often enough! Maybe once every two weeks. And only ever with Adam, my silly human baby brother. He’s one year old.

Skeezix: How far do you stroll?
We do laps around the neighborhood. And sometimes they park me outside by our pool when everyone is swimming or eating.

Skeezix: Do you stroll alone or with other cats/kids in yer howse?
Only with my baby human brother. He cramps my style and nobody pays attention to me anymore. Yes, I’m bitter.

Skeezix: Do all the cats and kids in yer famly like strolling?
Adam, the kid, likes stollering, mainly in his car with his cool bumper stickers that Mom made. Stevie likes to nap in my stroller, but as soon as it moves, he’s gone. Lucy doesn’t even get in after her one disastrous trip down the driveway.

Skeezix: What do you like most abowt strolling?
The fresh air and the birds.

Skeezix: Is thare anything you dislike abowt strolling?
Just that I don’t get to go enough! And sometimes the neighborhood dogs get a little too close and I have to hiss at them.

Skeezix: Have you ever seen any other pets in strollers on yer strolls?
Nope, I’m the lone strollering pet in the neighborhood.

Skeezix: How abowt wild creechers?
Mom, Dad, Adam and my grandpap saw a snake at the park over the weekend. Mom says that poor Adam will never go to the park again, at least with her. I would like to have seen that! Otherwise, I just see birds, bunnies and squirrels. And old people – it’s an old people neighborhood.

Skeezix: Do you only stroll in yer nayberhood, or do you travel to parks or other places to stroll?
I have only ever strolled in my neighborhood. I think I’d hate the car ride too much to travel anywhere else. And Mom can barely fit Adam’s stroller in her tiny car, so there’s no way mine would fit too – again, it’s cheap, so it doesn’t fold up!

Skeezix: Any funny strolling stories you’d like to share?
Just that if Mom or Dad yell, “Bitey, stroller!” I come running from wherever I am, even if I’m sleeping soundly, and fly down the stairs and leap into the stroller in a single bound. I like to stroll THAT much! Oh, and one time I was napping in my stroller and some kid who was visiting zipped me in. Hours later, when they realized they hadn’t seen me for awhile, they found me, still zipped in. Jerk kids.

Skeezix: Well thanks fur telling me about your and Adam’s advenchers in strolling. (Maybe now that yer Mom has been publicly reeminded that she promist you a stroller upgrade, she’ll get you that nice new stroller!)
Bitey: When pigs fly, my friend. But it was great catching up with you. Be cool.

Despite the fact that Bitey is stuck with his cheapo eBay stroller and never got the promised upgrade, eBay is still a good choice for getting a cheap gently-used stroller in which to try out strollering to see if your cat will enjoy it. If your cat hates it, you can auction the stroller back on eBay, donate it to a shelter, give to a cat-loving friend, or give it away via Freecycle. If your cat LOVES strolling, you can then upgrade to a better model, confident that it won’t be a wasted purchase.

If you go the “test stroller” route, keep in mind that a good stroller will make strolling a far more pleasant experience, so don’t judge the quality of the strolling experience by a cheap stroller.

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