Best Friends Brings Black Cats Out of the Shadows


Black cats have always had a special place in my heart. It all started with Castor and Pollux, “my” first cats, adopted from the local animal shelter on my 13th birthday. Next there was Maddy Gold, a beautiful shiny black girl with a tiny white locket. She was followed by Purr Bear, a gorgeous long-haired tuxedo guy who lived up to his name — he purred when you even so much as glanced at him.

Then, after several catless years, I adopted two gorgeous black kittens. Because they loved to talk and they meowed along when I sang songs, I named them Siouxsie Mew and Sinad O’Kitty, after my two favorite singers at the time. Sinad is no longer with me, unfortunately; she was the victim of wild animals after she accidentally escaped from her safe home. But after the worst of my grief was over, I found another black kitten waiting at an area humane society shelter to find forever home — and thus, Dahlia came into my life.

Obviously my love affair with black kitties has no end, so when I heard about Best Friends Animal Society’s Back In Black National Adoption Event, I had to share the news.

When people go to shelters looking for a cat to adopt, the black ones are often overlooked. Whether it’s because of silly superstitions or because they’re just harder to see, I don’t know. But every black cat has his or her own unique personality, and every single one of them would love to find a place in your home and in your heart.

What were my black cats like? Castor and Pollux were big brave tomcat boys (this was before spaying and neutering was commonplace) who watched over their mate, Iris, with diligence and loyalty.

Maddy Gold was shy and scared until I was able to rehabilitate her; from then until her death from widespread cancer, she slept in my bed with me every night and let me cry on her shoulder when I was suffering from bouts of teenage angst.

Purr Bear was a big, sweet mush of a cat who loved laps and baths. He had the magic touch–he could make anyone smile, no matter how grumpy or sad they were.

Sinad was my soul mate. Her eyes had the look of wisdom and compassion far beyond her years, and she saw me through some terrible times and gave me a reason to carry on when I couldn’t see any future for myself except endless suffering. I called her my little Bodhisattva.

Siouxsie is Sinad’s grumpy “older” sister who originally came with me only to watch over her silly and nave littermate — but now at the age of 15, she spends most of her time on my lap or sleeping next to me in my bed.

Dahlia is a “perma-kitten” who, even at age 5, still chases ghosts and dust-bunnies around the house. She’s a big drama queen and she loves my tabby cat, Thomas, with every fiber of her being.

So, back to the campaign. What’s in it for you if you adopt a black cat? Shelters participating in the Back in Black adoption event, which runs through September 17, are offering 50% off adoption fees for black animals. So now is the perfect time to find yourself a wonderful new friend.

Black is beautiful. Black goes with everything. And somewhere out there is a black cat waiting to bless your home with her presence. I’ll warn you, though: Once you go black, you never go back!

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