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Win a Cat Bow Tie and Collar from Sweet Pickles Designs

Your kitty will look dapper in this spiffy neckwear.

Dorian Wagner  |  Feb 1st 2013

Collars with bells are sooooo last year. All the cool cats are now wearing bowties.

James Bond, Frank Sinatra, Abraham Lincoln, the Cat in the Hat — all famous bowtie wearers. And now you can add your cat’s name to the list!

Our friends at Sweet Pickles Designs are at it again, stylin’ up cats wardrobes, and this time they’ve got retro with a fabulous bow-tie collection!

With names like the Cat Burglar, the Office Romance, the Baller, and the Weekend in the Hamptons, these collars’ names are as unique as their designs.

Each bow tie comes with an elastic loop so your kitty can easily wear his bow tie or not, depending on his mood. The collars are sold separately, so you can mix-and-match to your cat’s content!

And now for the moment you’ve all been reading for — one lucky Catster reader will get to win a bow tie and collar set (your choice!).


To enter to win, simply visit the Sweet Pickles Designs shop and choose which bow tie and which collar you’d like. Then come back here and let us know your choices in a comment below! We’ll randomly select one winner and notify you by email.

All entries must be received by Thursday, Feb. 7, at noon PST. Winners can be anywhere internationally.

To be eligible for the prize, use your Disqus account to comment below. Creating a profile and avatar takes just a minute, and it is a great way to participate in Catster’s community of people who are passionate about cats. (And note that if your Disqus account doesn’t contain a valid email address, you can’t win because we can’t contact you. Boo! So please check your account.) We’ll notify the winner by email, and you have two days to respond or we’ll pick someone else. That’s just how it goes.

Good luck, everyone!

Catster Coupon

Catster readers can get 15 percent off your whole Sweet Pickles Designs purchase using the code IHEARTPICKLES through Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14! So even if you don’t win, you still win! Enjoy!