And Now, Some Vine Video Clips from Our Readers


Hey Catsters, high-paw for taking on our Mothers Day Vine challenge with style!

I admit that at first, I was all like, “What the heck is this Vine thing? How do I make it work? What’s the point?” But then I posted my first Vine and experienced how easy it was, and suddenly I was addicted. Believe it or not, I have a film degree, so when I first interacted with Vine, I was all, “How do I make edits? Or roll credits?” and I was frustrated with its simplicity. But then I realized that its simplicity is its strength. It forces you to spontaneously create, and if there’s one thing I know you Catsters are, it’s creative.

I was delighted to see people participating in my request to tag their Mothers Day Vines #CatsterCatMom! As promised, here are five of my favorite Mothers Day Vines:

1. Kittens being kittens

How can you feel upset looking at these two kittens romping?

2. This is one hard-working mama

Eee! Little cow kittens nursing! We hope Mama Cat got four little gifts of gratitude this Mothers Day!

3. Being a cat mom means you can never leave your mug unattended

“Why yes, I’ll help myself to whatever you’re drinking. Mind a sprinkling of kitty litter with your tea?”

4. This little kitten already knows how to sit on command!

We’re really impressed!

5. We hope all the mothers out there got a chance to stretch and relax

Take it from cats: Nothing beats a good stretch and air knead.

What do you think of Vine? Are you on it? What’s your username?

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