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One Cat’s Adorable Rant Against Cell Phones

Why are you on your phone? Don't you know a kitty needs some attention?

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 20th 2012

Some say our attention spans have shortened because of TV, computers, and cell phones — that we’re so inundated with information, we can’t focus on anything for more than a few minutes. And you know who suffers from this in the end? Cats. (And older cats are definitely not happy with the way young kittens always have their noses in an iPhone or iPad — Choupette, we’re looking at you.)

This cat unleashes a rant upon his young human, who won’t let go of her phone.

“Hey there, young person,” says the cat. “Pay attention to me. Hey! Yeah, I’m right over here. Put down the phone — don’t make me put my paw on you!”

And it’s true, cats do love attention. Experts hypothesize that cats developed their meowing in order to communicate stuff to us humans, like, “Hey! It’s 5 a.m., where’s the tuna, honey?” or “Did I say you could stop petting me?”

So folks — young folks — put the phone down. While you’re busy texting your friends, hundreds of kitties are going without perpetual petting and attention. THIS CANNOT CONTINUE!

Photo: Young boy playing games with your mobile phone by Shutterstock

Via BuzzFeed