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We continute to celebrate “Cats and Dogs Week” at The Cat’s Meow.

First up, the reader photos, starting with a shot of Tabby the Cat and a dog she met in a park. Says her mom, “This dog loves cats and used to live with one, so he kept on wanting to give Tabby kisses, even jumping in the stroller once to give her a full-body kiss! Tabby loves dogs, and befriends them wherever we are.”

Here’s Armani the Cat, sharing a secret with Gauis:

And now the rest:

Of course, a great perq to good interspecies relationships is being on the receiving end of the occasional massage:

In a reader? Click here.

Got a cute cat-n-dog photo of your own? Send it to me and I’ll post it. (Please, only send personal photos to which you own the rights.)

And thanks to those of you who sent cat-only photos – we won’t use them for this series, but may post them at a later time.