Texts From Mittens
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Texts From Mittens: The Leprechaun Edition

St. Patrick's Day looms; Leprechauns will eat Mittens, Mom's greedy with the gold, and the dog's asleep on clean laundry. See the texts!

Angie Bailey  |  Mar 4th 2015

Soon it will be St. Patrick’s Day, and Mittens is convinced leprechauns are hiding in his house. Mom’s of no assistance in helping him locate these obviously evil creatures — in fact, she outright denies their existence. But she’ll be all over that pot of gold. What a hypocrite. Mittens knows gold can buy a lot of liver treats, that’s for sure.

Our pal Mitty plans to play a little joke on Drunk Patty, which she doesn’t mind in the least. In fact, she’s quite pleased, albeit oblivious to the whole situation. Oh, and Phil’s stinking up the clean bath towels that Mittens had planned to nap on, but he’s hoping Mom will bring him a monster-sized box. He can only hope. It’s so hard to be Mittens, after all. Here’s a slice of what’s happening in Mittens’ world.



“I do not smell.”

“I’m not tangling with leprechauns.”

Drunk Patty starts partying two weeks early.

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