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Take Our Quiz: Which Obscure Cat Superstition Are You?

Did you know one-eyed cats have a hand in granting wishes, and black cats bring good luck to actors? See which ones you embody.

Angie Bailey  |  Oct 27th 2015

Editor’s note: This story originally appeared in the September/October 2015 issue of Catster print magazine. Click here to subscribe to Catster magazine.

You’re probably familiar with the typical cat-related superstitions, but some strange, old-timey lore will make you smile and maybe look at your cat a little differently. Take this quiz to discover which obscure cat superstition you are.

1. It’s your birthday. Which would you most like to do?

a. Open a package containing tickets to a play you’ve been dying to see.

b. Walk into a surprise party filled with all your favorite friends.


A cat and a birthday hat by Shutterstock

c. Enjoy a quiet night in with your best friend and cats, then make a wish, and blow out the candles on your favorite kind of birthday cake.

d. Eat your favorite meal and have lots of interesting conversation with your family.

2. You just went through a nasty breakup. How do you react?

a. Cuddle with your kitty, devour a pint of ice cream, and watch Masterpiece Theatre.

b. Invite your best friends over to commiserate alongside you.

c. Peruse an online dating site (with a cat on your lap, of course).

d. Call your mom for comforting words.

3. Which job sounds best to you?

a. Actor

b. Party planner

c. Professional gambler

d. Family therapist

4. Your cat sitter decides to move to Costa Rica a week before your big vacation. What do you do?

a. Freak out, become overly dramatic, and assume you’ll have to cancel your trip.

b. Invite your best friends over for coffee, and ask if one of them might be available.

c. Shrug it off, and hope your vet has a recommendation for another sitter.

d. Ask a family member to help.

5. Choose a Halloween costume.

a. A character from the Broadway play Cats.


b. You’re hosting the best party in town, so whatever you wear will be fabulous.

c. Fairy

d. A member of the paparazzi

6. What would your friends say is one of your best qualities?

a. You’re outgoing and entertaining.

b. Your door is always open.

c. You’re optimistic and hopeful.

d. You know how to keep a secret.

7. You find yourself with an unexpected $1,000. What would you do?

a. Splurge on a new outfit (that matches your cat’s fur, of course) and a fantastic night of dinner and theater with your favorite person.

b. Throw a legendary party.

c. Donate it to a rescue for specially abled cats.

d. Help a family member with some outstanding bills.

Mostly A’s

If you see a black cat backstage – especially if one rubs against you – you’ll give an outstanding acting performance.

Although some superstitions tout black cats as bad luck, many people assume good luck is on the way when a black cat is present. This is true in the theater, where some actors even bring black cats backstage with them, hoping the feline good luck charm will assure a winning performance. Encore!

Mostly B’s

If a cat washes his face in the parlor, expect company.

Cat washes face by Shutterstock

Cat washes face by Shutterstock

There are a few superstitions involving cats cleaning themselves, but some people believe that feline face-washing in the parlor (nowadays, wherever guests are normally entertained) means that company is on the way. Who wouldn’t want to know about impending guests? It gives us time to lint-roll that layer of cat hair off the sofa!

Mostly C’s

If you see a one-eyed cat, spit on your thumb, stamp it in the middle of your palm, and make a wish — it will come true.

Photo by Gina Cioli/i-5 Studio

Photo by Gina Cioli/i-5 Studio

If you’re spitting on yourself, perhaps your wish should be something involving a sink and some soap. Leave the rubbing of spit on oneself to the cats! When I see a one-eyed cat, I only wish to pet his sweet face. Meow!

Mostly D’s

Cats are gossipmongers, so remove them from the room when discussing private family affairs.

Watch out with your secrets -- your cat is listening in. Cat on couch with women by Shutterstock

Watch out with your secrets — your cat is listening in. Cat on couch with women by Shutterstock

Cats are pretty nosy, and maybe they do run around spreading family business to all their cat friends. I like thinking about cats around a water cooler, sharing all their humans’ dirty laundry but only if my cats aren’t there. Look out, Perez Hilton –here comes Purrez Hilton!

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