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The Kitty Strikes Back — Aboard the “Star Wars” Themed AT-ST Cat Tree

Soon the Death Star will be complete. Until then, this cat is content to climb on the little Imperial Walker.

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 26th 2012

We know your kitty would rather take over the universe from within her own Death Star, but it looks like she’ll have to make do with kitty condos and cat trees that are a bit more, um, tactical. In May we showed you the CAT-AT (modeled after the big four-legged “Imperial Walker” from the Star Wars trilogy) and today we bring you the AT-ST (based on the smaller, two-legged tool of destruction).

Constructed from leftover home remodeling material and completed over a series of four weekends, the AT-ST cat structure doesn’t have all the amenities of the CAT-AT (after all, it’s difficult to top your own bar stocked with mini bottles of liquor that light up), but there is a dangly cat toy, and that’s basically all a cat needs to be happy — besides an elevated place to perch.

Buffy the cat certainly looks pleased as she takes a few swats at the dangling cat toy, and then she makes herself comfy around the back of the AT-ST.

“Yes,” she thinks, kneading her paws slowly, “just one step closer to intergalactic domination. The Death Star will be completed on time, and then all cats will rise!”

Then she jumps off the AT-ST, distracted by a flicker of light and a particularly cozy-looking cardboard box.

Via Jezebel