Maybe the camera caught these kitties are just the right moment … or maybe these cats are just the most expressive cats on the face of the planet. You don’t even need words to know what these cats are thinking!

You ate my cheezburger?! Photo by diane_l.

I am so happy I could almost poop! Photo by jodispayne.

Your dinner offering does not meet my specifications, human. Photo by Ghostwriter D.

That baby has gotten quite enough attention, don’t you think? Photo by ntt.

Are my fluffy pants touching the floor? They’re not, are they? Oh … the stuff I put up with. Photo by knittinging.

My name is Don Gato and I demand to know what is over there. Photo by soylentgreen23.

This is what I do behind your back every time you’re not looking. Photo by kaibara87.

Aaaaaaaaaah! OMC! OMC! Photo by Dianna Narotski.

Another kiss? Sigh. She does this 1,539 times a day. At least. Photo by j.keller1.

Someone’s getting the extreme side-eye… Photo by kit e kat.