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Photos to Purr for: Sam the Cat Has an Eyebrow Situation

The fur pattern leaves the white kitty with a permanent expression of surprise.

Liz Acosta  |  Feb 4th 2013

Cats have a lot to be concerned about. They are concerned about the population of birds chirping outside the window. They are concerned about the state of their food dishes. They are concerned about what you do in the bathroom behind closed doors. They are concerned about the food on the counter. Sam the cat is particularly and eternally concerned because he has a pair of eyebrows seated high on his face, arched perfectly into a countenance that makes you want to go, “Aw, Sam, everything’s all right.”

To which Sam might reply, “Of course everything’s all right. This is just my face.”

Not surprisingly, a face like that doesn’t go long without people noticing it and falling in love. Sam is perpetually perplexed by his gift from nature, always a little shocked by its ability randomly produce something so organically funny. Just you try looking at these photos of Sam without letting a giggle escape. It’s no hoax — check out the close up of Sam’s lucky spots. Sam just has eyebrows.

So be not concerned with this fretful-looking feline. He has a loving human who happily shares the kitty with the rest of the world on Instagram (and you should follow him). You have to admit your life is a little bit better now that you have Sam the Cat with Eyebrows.

Via Laughing Squid, photos via Sam’s Instagram