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Photos We Love: 10 Business Cats Wearing Ties

It's Monday morning, and these cats mean business. Kind of. Oh, shut it, they are trying!

Dorian Wagner  |  Mar 19th 2012

Just because cats don’t have to drag themselves out of bed and go to the office like most of us doesn’t mean they don’t take their Mondays seriously. Get up, grab some kibble, gulp back a bowl of water, slap on a tie, and get your week started!

I can has 8-bit cheezburger?

Sometimes getting going on Monday mornings is a little slow. In retrospect, he should have gone with the double shot of catnip in his coffee. [Photo by Jordan Hackworth]

Business Suite and Minty

The cat in the back does not appreciate 9 a.m. meetings. [Photo by zacbentz]

Hat & Tie Experiment

This bowtie really sets off his shiny black fur — and that ridiculous little fang! [Photo by Darcie]

'Professionally-dressed' Chris

Gets dressed for work. Looks at bed. Thinks, “I’ll just lay down for five quick minutes.” We all know the ending to this one. [Photo by CameliaTWU]

Le chat c'est chic

Somebody had too many cocktails at the company party last night. [Photo by Andrea Marutti]


Dear Ceiling Cat: Please let this week go quickly. And please don’t let the tuna-flavored Temptations run out in the vending machine by Wednesday like they usually do. [Photo by Eric Willis]


No comments from the peanut gallery about my floral tie. My wife picked it out. [Photo by SunshinesArt]


I heard this was a black-tie affair. [Photo by VMOS]


Used-car salesman kitty would like to make you a deal. He’ll even throw in the tie to match! [Photo by victoriafee]