Our Social Media Gal Says: No, You Cannot Haz My Job

I dont want to make everyone insanely jealous, but really it's just too bad. Part of my job at Catster involves staying up to date...

Anna Zeman  |  Jan 14th 2012

I dont want to make everyone insanely jealous, but really it’s just too bad. Part of my job at Catster involves staying up to date on all the cutest cat posts circulating tha webz. I also get to spend a lot of time playing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. But fur be honest (a Lunaism ÔÇö know it, embrace it) Im a complete freak, and even if it wasnt my job Id do it anyway.

I know many of you have lives, careers, kids, and cats to attend to, etc., and you cant spend all day searching for new Hello Kitty products and/or videos of cats eating fruit in fruit costumes (how amazingly cute-dumb is that?!?), so I figured, why dont I do that for you? This way, once a week you can get your cat cuteness fix without being a complete loser with a boyfriend who is jealous of your laptop and/or seriously concerned about your obsession with animals and utter disdain for people!

So, without further ado, here’s some cuteness I want to share with you.

+ Must-have smooshed-face-cat jewelry: If you want to be in the know about all the latest and greatest cat lady products, you should probably just make Catsparella your home page.

+ Expensive cat bed no one really needs: Im sure this might cost a lot of money and most cats would probably look at it, laugh, and pass out in your clean laundry basket ÔÇö but its way too cute not to covet.

+ Cutest. Cat. Commercial. Evah: I dont speak Cantonese, but I do get the sentiment of this Hong Kong pharmacy ad: This heroic kitty FURKIN RULES! Annnnd Im crying right now.

+ Cat and dolphin smooching: I’m pretty sure that’s a whale, but whatever, this is adorable nonetheless.

+ Hello Kitty Asics: I realize that nothing but sheer willpower will help me work out, but … I’d totally work out every day if I spent $150 on these Hello Kitty shoes, right?!? (Don’t answer that.)

+ Lipsticks with creepy little cat faces: The only thing I love more than cats is beauty products, so obviously I’ll be hoarding everything from Paul and Joe’s new makeup line so I dont start hoarding real cats. Repeat after me: Hoarding cats is bad, even if every one you see might be your new soulmate.

+ Must-have T-shirt for cat ladies: This T-shirt is purrrfect; the only thing it needs is a little cat hair.

+ Rad cat tats I wish I had: Getting a cat tattoo is the ultimate cat lady thing to do. I want to see yours.

Anna Zeman is a Social Media Monkey Scientist Strategist at SAY Media (Dogster and Catster’s pawrent company). She is pro-smooshed-faces, pro-kawaii, and anti-animal testing.