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Moses the Kitten Drinks from a Bottle, Gets Hiccups

Moses the tiny miracle kitten drinks milk from a bottle and gets the cutest hiccups ever! Aaah! We can't stop watching!

Liz Acosta  |  May 16th 2012

By now you’re probably familiar with this adorable video of a tiny kitten named Moses drinking greedily from a bottle and then contracting hiccups!

But there’s more to this little Internet superstar than cutely drinking milk.

Moses is a miracle kitten whose mama was killed in a fatal car accident before he had even opened his eyes. However, no one knew about the kitten until much later, when Moses’ people, Bobbi and Mark, found him crying in their garage.

When Bobbi and Mark brought Moses to the vet, they were told to be “cautiously optimistic.”

A month later and against all odds, Moses is capturing our hearts!

Photos via Moses’ blog