You Wanted Even MORE, So Here’s Round 3 of Text Messages from Mittens the Cat

Give a cat a smartphone, he'll call on occasion. Give him unlimited data, and he'll text constantly.

Angie Bailey  |  Apr 8th 2013

In February, we introduced you to Mittens, the cat who obsessively texts his person. You wanted more, so we featured Mittens again last month. Then you cried for even MORE, so we’re here to deliver.

It was tricky, but while Mittens was watching squirrels, his human was able to snag his phone for a few minutes and send us some screen grabs. She’s glad others now know what she must endure every day. She offers this advice: “Don’t buy your cat the unlimited data plan — it’s just asking for trouble. Just get enough for emergencies.” But in Mittens’ case, everything is an emergency.

Inspired by Text from Dog, here are more texts from Mittens the Cat:

What kind of texts would your cat send? Tell us about them in the comments!

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