We Never Tire of Watching Kittens Chasing Laser Pointers


Kittens never tire of chasing laser pointers. We never tire of watching kittens chase laser pointers. We’ve seen Thunder and Monkey here before, and the kittens are growing up to be strong, healthy, active cats … but they will never outgrow the laser pointer.

We imagine their inner dialogue goes something like this:

Dear diary,

I awoke sometime in the day. I couldn’t tell you what time that was exactly, because I am a cat, and I can’t tell time (not that I need to … time is on my side, always!).

I stretched luxuriously in a spot of sunshine … first my front legs, then my back legs, and then I yawned as wide as I could. I proceeded to demand food from my human butler. It took him entirely too long to figure out what I wanted, but he eventually filled my food dish.

All was going well … I was busy tearing up the carpet when I saw it! THE ELUSIVE RED DOT!

The rest of the diary entry trails off into incoherence, as the kitten soon lost interest and started scribbling nonsense before leaping after the laser pointer.

Ah, to be so easily and cheaply amused! And to look so effortlessly cute doing it!

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