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Kitten Fights Reflection in Mirror! Amazingly, Both Win

Mirror, mirror on the wall -- yikes! Who's that other cat? And why is he so handsome?

Liz Acosta  |  Jul 10th 2012

You know, it happens sometimes. Sometimes you wake up, roll out of bed, get in front of the mirror, and scare yourself. Sometimes it’s after a night out on the town, sometimes it’s at the end of a long, exhausting week. It’s okay — it happens! Just like it happened for the little gray kitten in this video, who scared herself so badly, she gets all puffed up and ready to fight. Talk about a scaredy cat!

After dancing around on her tippy-toes and swatting at the offending looking-glass kitty, the real cat tries a different approach, walking off as if she doesn’t care … but then so does the other cat. This proves too much for the kitten, who then goes in for another attack — only to have each blow met, tit for tat. Take that, cat!

Since there’s no way to explain reflection to a kitty, there’s not much else to do about this video but have a chuckle, and make sure that kitty doesn’t hurt herself while tilting at windmills. How many times have we all seen this game played?

It’s totally adorable … and just like this kitten who keeps going back to her reflection, we could watch this over and over again!