The post begins, “A few years ago we began to create the most expressive, controllable, and playful Tail there could be.”

Okay, fine. Who hasn’t thought about slapping some fabric around a piece of garden hose and knocking themselves out?

But Greyworld is not made up of 12-year-olds with a summer afternoon to kill. According to Kickstarter (yes, Kickstarter — we’ll get to that in a second), the group creates “playful public art usually in urban spaces” and has spent the last 20 years “conceiving and creating exciting projects around the world.”

Greyworld does not work with garden hose, in short. It works with this:

Yikes! You could probably build an iPhone with all that. Greyworld says the final prototype is “fully controllable, it can bend and flex and knock things off tables, tremble and twist and curl, stand up and of course wag and get frisky. It can also dance in time to music.”

Here’s some more pictures of Tail:

And here is a Tail guy tripping out on the thing he’s made, on the thing that he is helping to bring to market, here in the 21st century:

Another guy building some Tail. This guy is smart, believe it.

Here’s some text from the site about how Tail will move:

“Whilst there are very few other tails out there, the ones we could find had a very ‘flat’ left-right wag that felt too robotic. Our system uses a twin servo mechanism, allowing not just left-right wagging, but also to stand the Tail up on end. And because the parts are light, and the servos have some real power, we can also flick and twist the Tail too, in a much more natural way.”

You know what else uses a twin servo mechanism? The Stealth Fighter. Probably.


“We wanted an extra limb that could do all the naughty things you dream of, but don’t dare. Having a Tail lets you express your cheeky side. It gives a voice to your emotions even when you’re standing still.”

That’s about sex, right?

As for fabric, you name it. Greyworld is going to be making four colors — Panther (Black), Snow Leopard (Black and White), Lion(ess) (Beige), and Bond Villain Cat (White) — but says that almost any fabric can be added as an option, from sequins and tartan to leather.

Would you want all that sticking out of your rear? Our guess is yes. Our guess is that you’ve already and correctly deduced that this thing is on the Kickstarter train and you just have factor it into your budget.

But first, get a load of the remote:

As for movement, Tail will have four modes: slow wags, trembles and flicks; fast wags, twirls and flicks; a mix of all the moves; and finally a dance mode, in which you press a button to the beat.

Greyworld’s Kickstarter for Tail is running through September 12, and it’s looking for ´┐í10,000. Some of that might be coming from you, yes?