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Meet George the Cat — He’s a Master of Disguise

George also must be a paragon of patience when it comes to his human friend. See the photos.

Liz Acosta  |  Feb 12th 2013

Have you met George? No? Actually, you might have and not known it, because he was incognito. Most of the time George is a big fluffy white cat, but he also has a habit of dressing up as iconic characters. No, it was no Santa’s lap you sat on, and it was not Santa’s ear you whispered your sweet holiday nothings into. It was George the cat, and George does not care if you want a pony (which is why you did not get one).

While George’s costumes are pretty darn good, that’s not really what makes him so amazing. What’s amazing is how patient George is … and how determined his human friend is. It must be difficult to fit costumes to your kitty with one eyeball scratched out.

As you can see, George is of a very noble size. George is probably very fond of treats. For a treat, George will do anything. Is it humiliating? Do you really think cats get humiliated? Did you see our cat butt post? A cat will sit down in front of your guests and tend to her nether regions with her sandpaper tongue without batting an eye.

If you want to see more George, check out his Instagram here.

Images via George’s Instagram

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