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See These 11 Cats Who Just Don’t Give a Damn

Sometimes cats just want to do things on their terms -- don't bother trying to talk them out of it.

Angie Bailey  |  Jan 13th 2015

I believe it’s a myth that all cats are aloof and self-centered, but there are definitely times when they couldn’t care less about what we think or want and just go about their business. Sure, they hear us when we address them, but they decide whether or not they want to respond. In short, sometimes cats just don’t give a damn.

Here are 11 such cats:

1. Help yourself

This cat wants the sandwich and isn’t waiting for an invitation. He thinks you should have gotten two … he might want another one later this afternoon.

Doesn’t give a damn.

2. Unmovable

It doesn’t matter that you’re carrying three bags of groceries or balancing two laundry baskets — this cat’s not going anywhere. You probably need a plan B.

Doesn’t give a damn.

3. Busy napping

You have a deadline and this cat needs a nap. Guess which one wins? Time to “type around the cat” again.

Doesn’t give a damn.

4. Accessorize elsewhere

Your Jimmy Choo purse is just the kind of expensive sleeping bag this cat’s looking for, and he isn’t planning on moving anytime soon. Too bad for you. Now go away.

Doesn’t give a damn.

5. All you can eat

This cat’s not about to follow some feeding schedule you made up for him. He’ll eat on his own terms, and clipping the bag of food with a chip clip isn’t going to make a difference.

Doesn’t give a damn.

6. Cool cat

Are you going on a picnic? Without the cat? That’s really funny because it’s not happening. This cat’s staging a sit-in inside your favorite cooler. And he’d also like a bit of your sandwich.

Doesn’t give a damn.

7. Centerpiece

Having company? Hoping to set a table that’s not covered in cat hair? Wishful thinking, friend — you’ve got a new centerpiece, and it’s appropriate for every season. Convenient, huh?

Doesn’t give a damn.

8. Facebook friend

You think you’re going to hop on Facebook? Not while this cat’s in your lap. He’s got the only friend request you need, and will poke you until you accept it.

Doesn’t give a damn.

9. Screen hog

Who cares that you’ve been waiting all week to watch a movie? This cat’s just snagged the front row seat and wants you to get him some snacks. He says you shouldn’t worry because he’ll catch you up when you get back from the kitchen.

Doesn’t give a damn.

10. Throw in the towel

Forget about putting away the laundry, this cat’s got other plans for it. And don’t even try to move him, because he’s on the not-so-gentle cycle. He tries to be all Kenny Rogers and tells you to go away because “you gotta know when to fold ’em.”

Doesn’t give a damn.

11. So what?

This cat doesn’t need a good reason. He just doesn’t give a damn.

So what?

Do you have a photo of your cat not giving a damn? Post it in the comments!

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