“I can shave for you, if you like it better that way,” he said.

We were hanging around, hazily trying to figure out where to get brunch, and he had idly put a hand to his scruffy facial hair.

I laughed. “Oh, I don’t care at all what you do with any of your body hair.”

“I figured,” he said, “I just know that a lot of women seem to not like facial hair.”

The idea seemed silly to me. I don’t shave my legs because I hate the discomfort and time commitment, so why should I expect someone to shave his face?

Feline fellas, if your partner is on your case for your facial hair, we’d like to provide this adorable video as proof that beards are better. Who else would adore a scratchy surface more than a kitten? You — that’s who! Because being witness to something like this is great for lowering everyone’s blood pressure — his, yours, and kitty’s.

This is Gracie the kitten and her be-bearded human friend, Larry McDaniel, and here they are, taking cat beards to a whole new level.

Can this get any cuter? Yes! It can! (Cue implosion of the universe.)

McDaniel adopted Gracie into his family to assist in the healing process of his other cat, Sassy. Sassy recently broke her foot and is languishing in a splint. McDaniel hoped Gracie would bring Sassy out of her funk, and, after some initial confrontation, the two are pals, and Sassy is acting more like her old self. We know we certainly feel better after watching Gracie cuddle in McDaniel’s beards.

So, cat dudes, let the facial hair flow!

Via Laughing Squid

Hero photo: Young man applying shaving cream to his cheeks by Shutterstock

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