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Is This What Your Cat Does After a Visit to the Box?

Did the cat in this video just poop in his litter box? Or are we reaching a little here?

Liz Acosta  |  Feb 22nd 2013

Our resident musical cat lady Sarah Donner once answered a very important question: Why do cats dart from their litter boxes in rapturous ecstasy after depositing a kitty Tootsie Roll? Not even Lady Donner had a good answer for that. She did, however, manage to keep her composure while singing the lyrics, “I run because I’m elated, after I have defecated.”

Turns out sudden cases of the post-poop “zoomies” are a unifying experience among cats and their owners. Do you think it’s what’s ailing the cat in this video?

The thing is, cats are actually made entirely of air and fur and nothing else. Pooping for a cat is equivalent to a hot air balloon dropping weights, so after a successful visit to the litter box, cats are propelled around the room by their own weightlessness. Just like the cat in the video, who, released from his bowel burden, goes sprinting down the hall.

Maybe not really — it’s more like the cat is chasing something down the hall — but you gotta admit the post-box run looks pretty similar to this cat’s wall-bouncing. As does the midnight madness, the seeing-something-that-isn’t-really-there game, and the “Oh my goodness please feed me now” dance. Oh, cats.

Photo: Orange tabby cat image by Shutterstock

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