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We Check in with Colonel Meow, Our Favorite Feline Overlord

What's our supreme leader up to these days? Oh, still working on that world domination thing.

Liz Acosta  |  Feb 20th 2013

I got Presidents’ Day off. It was nice to lounge about my apartment, finally attending to all the chores I’ve been putting off for weeks — namely a large pile of laundry, returning OKCupid messages, and buying groceries so I can stop making condiment soup for dinner. I also got a moment to check Twitter.

“Happy Presidents’ Day!” my friends tweeted. “Come buy stuff for half off!” beckoned sponsored messages. “Wake me when it’s World Domination Leader Day,” posted Colonel Meow with a photo of his noble floof. The presidential cats have got nothing on Colonel Meow.

Since it’s apparent that the part cat, part wampa ice creature will one day be our sacred leader, I decided I’d check in on Colonel Meow and his world domination. Here’s a video of Meow catching a bird, which demonstrates his unconventional methods. Most cats would slowly and precisely stalk their prey until close enough to punch with ferocious accuracy, but Colonel Meow chooses an approach that leaves minimal blood on his paws.

Here is Colonel Meow’s reaction to Boots’ air pollution.

It’s obvious.

The Colonel captioned this with “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Lil Bub is definitely a contender in the cat race to global domination.

Never a more accurate photo.

Photos via Colonel Meow’s Instagram

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