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Cats Where They Do Not Belong: Now We’ll Never Get Anything Done!

And now presenting another reason to not get your work done besides the cat sitting on your laptop: a Tumblr of Cats. Where they do not belong.

Liz Acosta  |  Apr 19th 2012

Uh-oh, we might have just found a new way to waste our time!

Always scouring the Interwebz for the very best in cute cats, we stumbled upon this Tumblr called Cats. Where they do not belong.

You know the story: You’re trying to get work done on your laptop and then boom! There’s a cat!

Or, you know, you’re trying to pay your Internet bill (so you can look at pictures of cats on your laptop — natch!) and tah-dah! There’s a cat!

Or you’ve gotta hop on your bike to run an errand — and then ack! There’s a cat!

Do you know where cats do belong? Curled up and purring in your lap — awww!

Images via Cats. Where they do not belong.