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6 Little Kitties Who Think They’re Little Lions

Ever see a kitty roar? Sometimes it looks like a yawn, but there's eons of evolution behind it!

Liz Acosta  |  Aug 22nd 2012

Cats like to think that they are still the ferocious lions they descended from. They’ll hang around your house stalking, pouncing, and hunting anything they deem a worthy opponent (like your toes while you’re trying to sleep). They might not be kings of the jungle, but they are definitely the kings and queens of our homes, and they will behave accordingly. Even though most cats we know probably can’t take down a wildebeest, that doesn’t stop these kitties from roaring like lions (or just being very sleepy, lazy kitties — er, we mean, lions).

While looking at these photos, we invite you to play the iconic song (we think it will provide the most amusing soundtrack).

Is this adorable gray tabby roaring, yawning, or singing along?

This cat might actually be doing his best impression of a cobra, not a lion. Look at those fangs!

This beautiful black kitty is definitely giving a mighty roar … or a mighty yawn … before stretching and going back to sleep.

This kitty looks more like he’s giving us a bored yawn instead of a wild yowl.

Either this is one serious yawn or this cat just heard something that displeases her greatly!

This cat might be a little delusional. He told his hair dresser to give him the “lion cut,” and now he expects everyone in the house to call him Simba.

How is your little lion sleeping tonight?