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Watch This Cat Watch a Movie

A cat critic watches a kid's movie about talking animals. How do you think he'll review it?

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 5th 2012

Here’s something you didn’t know: In addition to iPads, cats can also operate laptops. Contrary to popular belief, cats will use Windows machines as well as Apple products. We know — we’re surprised, too. Also, did you know that cats like to watch cartoons? From the looks of this cat, cats enjoy computer-animated movies about talking animals. We know! It just gets weirder and weirder!

Why would a cat watch talking animals? We’re not sure. Why don’t you observe this cat watching what appears to be one of the Madagascar movies. After watching with some intrigue, he loses interest. He doesn’t seem too impressed. He looks at his human as if to say, “Really? You think this is what we animals would say if we could talk? You put words in our mouths — dumb words! And you make it for children? Is this what you think of us?”

What kind of review do you think this cat would give the movie? Two thumbs down? Cats don’t have thumbs! This cat gives this movie one silent mew — it’s not even worth the utterance it would require to denounce it.

We do hear, however, that this particular cat critic can be bought with cans of tuna — lots and lots of cans of tuna.

Photo: Cat and laptop on a sofa by Shutterstock

Via Global Animal