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Teddy the Cat Pushes a Jar off the Dresser … Yawn!

Teddy the cat does just what he pleases. You got a problem with that?

Liz Acosta  |  Aug 17th 2012

We’d like you to meet Teddy the cat. In this video, Teddy shows he doesn’t give a meow about what you think about him.

Here he is in action, casually sitting on the dresser, sullenly contemplating his surroundings. Knowing that we’re watching, he flippantly knocks over a jar, looks at the camera, and yawns.

If cats could talk, Teddy would say, “Yeah? Want to make something of it? You know the smell of cat pee is virtually impossible to remove?” We’re glad cats can’t talk.


He must have taken a page from Henri and the even more passive-aggressive Window Blinds Cat, two kitties whose dismissive boredom leads them to torture their human servants. Someone must have rolled over and slept for a couple of more hours when Ted demanded his 5 a.m. breakfast. Yeah, that’ll teach him! When this cat meows, he means business!

Somebody should tell these cats’ humans that with just a little bit of playtime, naughty behaviors can be exercised out of them. But let’s admit it, we love cats because they’re so fiercely independent. While dogs are eager to please us, cats only want to please themselves … and that’s why we just can’t get enough of their nuances.

Does your kitty like to stage minor acts of civil disobedience?

Via Dlisted