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Cats on Treadmills: Your Holiday Fitness Gurus

Exercise will help with seasonal indulgence -- if the cat ever gives you a turn, that is!

Liz Acosta  |  Dec 20th 2012

Ah, yes, the holidays. Gift-giving, family, friends, sparkly lights, snow, cheer … and food. Lots and lots of food. The holidays are a time when, despite your best efforts, you find yourself moving into your stretchy pants — the ones with the drawstring — because everywhere you turn, there’s food. Pies, egg nog, turkey, ham, wine, hot chocolate … the list goes on. With everyone indulging, it’s difficult to stay true to your diet and exercise regimen, but never fear! Your cat is here!

Cats are normally lazy, indulgent, and indolent creatures, but turn a treadmill on and their inner Richard Simmons is activated. We’re not sure why all cats harbor Richard Simmons within them, but they do! Just look at this compilation of cats running on treadmills! And yeah, that’s already pretty funny — cats trying to doggedly keep up with a treadmill — but what’s probably more puzzling than amusing is that the cats seem to willingly mount the workout equipment.

Cats generally can’t be convinced to do anything for someone else, so the fact that these kitties seem happy to climb on board a road to nowhere must indicate that they are all secretly little gym bunnies who can’t resist some cardio.

(Except for the last guy in the video — he can’t be bothered.)

Via Tastefully Offensive