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The “Too Cute Kitten Cam” Features a Dollhouse for Kittens

There's a cardboard chair for scratching (and sleeping). And portraits of kittens on the wall.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 19th 2012

Do you know what’s awesome? Live kitten cams. Kittens all day, every day — kittens kittens kittens!

Thanks to Animal Planet and the Washington Animal Rescue League, we’ve got a new litter of kittens to bring our productivity to a grinding halt. Just what you were asking for, right? This kitten cam features a little dollhouse-like kitten backdrop that fulfills all our girlhood dreams (well, okay, one time the family kitten pooped in our dollhouse, swiftly ending those days of play, but sometimes the kitten would sleep curled up in one of the miniature rooms and it was sooo cute).

Not to worry, though — this dollhouse kitten cam is made especially for kittens. There’s a “chair” made out of textured cardboard, so the kittens can tear away in peace. There’s even a little fake window and little kitty portraits hung up on the wall. The name of the cam, “Too Cute Kitten Cam,” is a woeful understatement — this basically redefines cute. The next time you look up “cute,” you’ll find a screen grab from this kitten cam.