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Curiosity Cost the Cat: If a Kitty Is Stalking Something, Stay Back

Shorty sees something. Kodi wants in. Uh-oh -- here comes the paw!

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 4th 2012

The adorable Shorty and Kodi — who brought us such Catster favorites as “How to Walk Your Human” and Kodi’s “Dance of Intimidation” — are back with a tale of confused intentions.

Shorty thinks she’s a ninja. Spying the video camera, she goes into cat-stalk mode, inching her way along the wall on silent paw-falls, back arched, muscles tense with control. The seasoned huntress knows exactly what’s she’s doing and hones in on her target with laser-like focus.

Kodi, on the other paw, doesn’t get it. He’s minding his own catness — until he notices Shorty’s interest in something, piquing his interest too. We can imagine Kodi saying, “Hey, what are you looking at? What’s over there? What’s going on? I can’t see it.”

Shorty tries to ignore Kodi, but Kodi is determined. When Kodi can’t figure out what in the world is so darned intriguing to Shorty, he lets her know, turning to the other cat as if to say, “What? There’s nothing there!”

Shorty’s patience runs out and — what else is she to do? — she gives Kodi a good old-fashioned swat to the nose.

Stalk-blocked again!

“Once again, the more white fur a cat has, the more of a nuisance they are.” So Tweeted Henri regarding the video.