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Behind the Camera: Shorty and Kodi’s Human Reveals Himself

Who says guys can't like cats? The man behind these famous Internet cats proves otherwise with this video.

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 23rd 2012

Darling cats Shorty and Kodi have instructed us on many things, such as How to Walk Your Human and How to Make a Cat Video. For cats, Shorty and Kodi have a lot to say, and their amusing antics provide endless entertainment.

But we’ve always wondered about the guy behind the camera. What does he think about everything?

In this latest video from Shorty and Kodi, their human butler speaks out, expressing a love for animals great and small, which makes him, well, human. One stereotype (which we don’t agree with) is that only women like cats. It’s so not true! And we have proof. We’ve run stories and columns about cat guys, including Paul M. Davis, whose friends call him “Cat Lady,”), and Eliot Weisberg, who works for Catster’s parent company and has his two cats tattooed on his legs. (As for whether “real men” love cats as the video says, we’ll leave that to you — it’s not for us to say what makes a man or woman “real” in any regard.)

And fine, okay, we admit it: We never object to the sight of a kitten nestled between burly biceps.

So the next time anyone tells you that cats aren’t for dudes, just show them this video. Fact: Stroking cats is a great arm workout. (We don’t know if that’s true.)

Photo: Muscular man holding white cat by Shutterstock