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Heart-Stopping Cuteness: Watch Niki the Kitty Play in Slo-Mo

Nikita was abandoned by her mother, but from the looks of this video, she's doing just fine.

Liz Acosta  |  Dec 7th 2012

Here’s one minute and 31 seconds you’ll wish lasted a lot longer. Kitten Niki is about a month old, but she’s got cuteness well beyond her years. Adored by her human friend, YouTube user FaqYouTB, Niki — short for Nikita — was abandoned by her mother when she was just a baby. Fortunately, FaqYouTB didn’t mind the addition of another cat friend to his family (he already has an older kitty named BoBo), and Niki is now a happy, healthy kitten with a loving home.

And like any happy, healthy kitten, Nikita is a ball of furious energy, zipping and zapping around like a furry mass of claws and cuteness. FaqYouTB has uploaded a collection of videos of both Niki and BoBo, but this latest clip, featuring the spritely little kitten, gives us all the antics of youth in slow motion, so we can savor every second of cuteness.

With a cheerfully jangly guitar soundtrack, Nikita leaps and bounds in joyful kitty indulgence, performing the famous kitten arched-back crab-step. The world is her playground, and she makes a toy of everything — even elder BoBo’s swishing tail. BoBo, however, in true cat-like fashion, ignores the kitten’s enthusiastic fake-attacks, looking up for a moment as if to say, “What?”

We bet you can’t watch the videos just once!