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Not a Jack in the Box — a Kitten in the Box!

How many cats are in this video? The answer isn't as obvious as you think!

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 22nd 2012

Cats and boxes, boxes and cats — they are a match made in heaven. Or something.

We’ve seen a few videos of what happens when two cats try to take control of a single box, but these two cats take box-fighting to a whole new level.

As the video starts, it would seem that one cat has conquered one box. He sits perched upon his cardboard pedestal with pride. He blinks his eyes slowly in that cat-like way, which says, “Yup, I’m boss of everything.” All seems right in cat-land, when suddenly! The box begins to tremble and move. What’s going on here?

The cat atop the box is at first undisturbed, but then the box begins to travel, and still the cat doesn’t seem alarmed — maybe it’s some mysterious cat magic. “Levitating boxes? Oh, that’s just my cat magic.”

But the cat magic seems to fail when it hits an obstruction (a rug), and then the cat king’s throne crumbles, and it’s revealed that no cat magic was at work — it was just another cat trapped underneath. And not one cat — but two!

So this isn’t really a video about a cat and a box — it’s a video about a clown car and a trio of cats.