Heavy-Metal Man Serenades His Cat While Drunk


If the Internet has taught us anything (besides how to craft a bath mat out of corks) it’s that cats rule. Oh, and that no matter how good the idea seems at the time, you should simply leave the camera turned off when you’re drunk. We know! When we’ve had a couple (we mean, hey, how the heck else are we going to amass enough corks to make that bath mat?), we totally transform into opera singers, and we totally want to record it for everyone to see. Usually we have a chance to delete the footage in the morning, but if you’re like this death-metal dude, then you probably need new friends. Upon finding the video of an inebriated pal singing to his kitty named Bill Murray, he decided to upload it to the Internet for all to see.

There’s another important lesson here, which is that if you need an honest opinion regarding any sort of creative venture, just ask a cat. A cat won’t spare your feelings. A cat will tell you when your music sucks. Just check out Bill Murray’s face throughout the video. His face is totally like, “Hey dude, your taste in music is totally cat poop.”

But then Death Metal Dude totally snuggles with his kitty during the instrumental, and even gives Bill Murray a smooch at the end. And then Bill Murray is all like, “Dude, you got total dog breath, but I love you anyway.”

By the way, no kitties were harmed in the making of this video. It looks like Death Metal Dude is just lip-syncing to the song.

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