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Here’s a video that defies a few stereotypes about cats — and makes us go “awww” in the process. Not since their days aboard trans-Atlantic ships, employed to catch vermin and keep food stocks safe, have cats been readily seen on deck. Most cats we know loathe the very idea of water. Nor are most cats known for being friendly toward other species, the classic conflict being the one between cats and dogs.

But this skipper kitty proves you can’t judge a cat simply because he is a cat. Perched deftly on the very edge of a boat, this cat greets a friendly, curious dolphin with a nuzzle, and the dolphin responds in kind with what seems to be a playful head bump.

The cat seems totally in his element, even when another enthusiastic dolphin makes a huge splash. A lot of the cats we know would puff up, scurry, and hide from an encounter with a strange, wet creature, but this cat is at ease, imbued with an ambassadorial nature. Is this the beginning of a new era of relations between cats and dolphins? After all, though the species may be wildly different, they share one love: an appetite for fish.

Photo: Cat and marine paraphernalia by Shutterstock