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Trained Gray Kitty Puts Paws Together for a Yummy Treat

Then again, maybe he's trained us: His cuteness charms us into doing whatever he asks!

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 18th 2012

When we say here on Catster that we’ve found a video of a “trained cat,” what we really mean is we’ve found a cat who’s duped us into thinking we’ve trained the cat. What these cats have actually done is figured out the most efficient way to get their favorite treats.

“Oh, if I do this cute thing (which I was already doing — thank you very much), then I get a yummy tuna snack? All right, human, I’ll play along.”

It appears that this silky gray has got us in the palm of his paw. When the human offscreen gives the word, he sits up on his hind legs and clasps his paws like a little kitty angel saying grace. But if you look more closely into those darling button eyes, you’ll catch a glint of truth — kitty has got us trained.

First it starts with treats. Kitty performs, looking almost unbearably adorable, and is rewarded with a snack. But just you wait and see: The next thing you know, kitty will have his human ordering caviar and champagne for him and all his alley cat friends.

We’ve seen Puss in Boots — we know the disarming look of domination when we see it!

Via BuzzFeed