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Studies in Courage: Dragon Attacks Cat Tree, Cat Slays Dragon

A kitty named Crystal restores order for her friends with a full-scale assault of adorability.

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 1st 2012

Oh no! We left the window open and a dragon totally flew into the office! It’s buzzing around like crazy, breathing fire, and repeatedly flying into the bathroom mirror. We tried that thing that you do with a bee, in which you turn off all the lights and get real still and hope it flies out the open window from whence it came, but the dragon is still here! Wrecking havoc on Catster Headquarters, delaying our delivery of cuteness to you!

Who will be our knight in shining armor?

Who is brave enough to face a dragon? Who is smart enough to outwit it? Who is swift enough to out-maneuver its scaly hide? It’s time to call the kitties!

For these kitties, a dragon duel is nothing to shy from. They come to our aid paws swinging. And they even brought their own soundtrack (it sounds an awful lot like James Bond). They slay the fire-breathing menace and peace is restored to the galaxy.

We’re so glad we have some brave cats in shining armor to protect us from the occasional dragon invasion. Dragons aren’t something we usually deal with, but we’re glad we’ve got brave cats to save us damsels in distress.

Via I Have Cat