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Meet Luca, a Bengal Cat with Boundless Energy

Watch this frisky kitty spin on his back like a breakdancer. Thankfully, we've got instant replay.

Liz Acosta  |  Aug 29th 2012

Bengal cats are probably the closest you can get to having an actual wild cat in your house. Bengals owners will tell you that these cats are talkative, energetic, demanding, and like playing with water. Though beautiful and unique, these striking cats are not for everyone! They require a lot of attention and play. Which is why we’re offering you this video of Luca, a 1-year-old Bengal, so you can experience this cat breed vicariously.

According to his human, Luca — who is normally an indoor-outdoor cat — is recovering from a leg injury, which means he’s been cooped up for a while. For a Bengal, that’s enough to make an energetic kitty go crazy, and we think it’s safe to say that Luca is experiencing a bit of cabin fever. Watch him spin across the floor like a breakdancer and leap into the air as if the floor was a trampoline.

When Luca isn’t performing cat gymnastics, he’s busy being possessive over his favorite toy — a stuffed fish. Holding the toy in his mouth like a dog, Luca grumbles and growls, letting us know that it’s paws off. Don’t worry, Luca, we’d never dream of depriving you!

Do you share a home with a frisky Bengal cat?

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