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See a Bengal Named Boo Do Tricks for Food

This smart kitty sits, turns, lies down, high fives, and generally acts adorable on command.

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 11th 2012

You really can train cats! We’ve already seen it here a few times — from the Acro-Cats to toilet-trained cats, cats are showing dogs that they’re not the only ones capable of learning how to perform a certain action on command. So that myth that cats are dumber than dogs because you can’t teach them tricks? That’s going down to the drain — just ask any cat guardian who has successfully transitioned a kitty from the litter box to the porcelain throne. Sure beats taking the dog out for a walk!

Boo the Bengal is a one-cat show. Thanks to the guidance of his owner, Boo knows how to sit, beg, turn, shake, and lie down … all at his human’s request. As our Bengal-owning readers know, these fierce felines are spring-loaded with energy and a keen intelligence, so learning commands is a great way for them to exercise their minds. Boo certainly looks happy in this video as he performs a series of tricks for his human — he even takes a moment to bonk his hand lovingly and purr with contentment.

Why not teach a cat some tricks? If the process is full of positive reinforcement and builds on what the cat already likes to do, it’s a great opportunity for bonding, mental exercise, and receiving plenty of attention.

Boo the Bengal has certainly taught this old dog something new — cats can totally learn how to do things on command!

Via Pussington Post