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DIY Cat Toys: The Infinite Hairball

This project we found on Reddit makes use of something you'll always have enough of: cat fur.

Liz Acosta  |  May 7th 2014

Why spend $10 on a cat toy at a pet supply store when your cat friend is only going to bat it under the fridge and then immediately forget about it as soon as she discovers a discarded bottle cap on the floor? Actually, I know why — because it’s cute! All 10.5 seconds of your cat friend viciously mauling a pink fuzzy mouse is totally and utterly adorable! Worth it, right?

But sometimes you’re like, “I’d rather spend ten bucks on two coffees,” and then you do and then your cat friend is all, “Hey, what gives? I demand gifts.”

That’s when you put your DIY cap on! Which is exactly what one extremely resourceful Redditor did! She was all, “Hey, I need to brush my long-haired kitty.” And then she did, and while picking the hair out of her cat brush, she was all, “Oh heeey, cat toy?”

So she tossed the ball of hair to her cat friend, Bowser, and Bowser was all, “I shall call him Mini Me,” and so he carried it all around the house.

Then Mini Me disappeared. (Rather, Mini Me got totally gross and the humans made an executive decision and tossed him out.) But hey! You can easily make another one! By brushing the cat! Which needed to be done anyway! Two birds — one stone! Cat logic.

And that’s how you make a DIY infinite cat hairball.

All photos courtesy of Reddit (Give it an upvote!)

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