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These Cat-Tail Mugs Have Perfect Feline Form

Cat Fancy Mugs are for sophisticated cat lovers and coffee drinkers.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 26th 2012

What’s cozier than sitting with a book and a cat in your lap on a frosty winter day? Sitting with a book and a cat in your lap with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. And what’s cozier than sitting with a book and a cat in your lap while drinking hot chocolate? Drinking hot chocolate out of a cat-shaped mug!

But not a cheesy cat mug, where you’re sipping out of a ceramic cat’s head, but a classy cat mug. Something elegant — as elegant and refined as you and your cat are. You might even call it “cat fancy” — a “cat fancy gift.”

If you go to CatFancyGifts.com, you will find exactly that — a kitty-themed mug that doesn’t look childish, but is rather sophisticated in its feline representation. Adorned with illustrated cats, the mugs feature the cats’ tails as the mug handles, resulting in a piece of drinkware that makes a statement and is practical.

There’s a cat for almost every cat lover. You can choose from gray or orange tabbies, a Siamese, a black kitty, a tuxedo cat, or a tricolored calico. The mugs are crafted by hand and signed and numbered by the artist, and no two are alike — in other words, each mug is as unique as you are.

Want one of your own or for a cat lover you know? Click here for ordering details.