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Campaigning Kitties Have Currency Created to Help Cat Shelter

The two politically minded cats are featured on a mock $2 bill that will raise money for felines in Russia.

Liz Acosta  |  Jun 26th 2012

Let’s imagine for a minute that cats ran the world — what would it be like?

There would be a scratching post in every home, tuna fish on every table, warm laundry fresh out of the drier for every cat to sleep in, sunny spots before every window, and mandatory cat naps throughout the day — not to mention more funding for every cat shelter. All work would be conducted at midnight for about one hour when cats are notorious for running in circles around the living room, and debates would be settled by arching one’s back and hissing and growling until someone backed down without ever coming to blows. Our world would be a lot more peaceful and lot more adorable.

While human world leaders are busy bickering and slinging egos around, two cats are making a unified effort to create a better world for kitties at the Rzhevka Animal Shelter in St. Petersburg, Russia. You might recall Zarthustra, the tubby ginger kitty who ran for President of Russia, as well as Hank the Cat, who is running for Senator in Virginia. Zarthustra — also known as Fat Cat — unfortunately lost to Vladimir Putin (it was close!), but he didn’t lose his commitment to a better cat world.

While Hank plans to donate all his campaign money to help out shelter cats in Russia, Fat Cat’s human companion and artist, Svetlana Petrova, designed a $2 bill reimagining what history might have been like had our founding fathers included their cats in the creation of the United States and our currency. The bill includes the images of Fat Cat and Hank. You can’t actually buy anything with the money, but you’ll certainly help kitties.

Via InventorSpot, Hank for Senate, and Great Artists’ Mews