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10 Cats Who Will Literally Sleep ANYWHERE

Cats can fall asleep most any place, but some spots are way funnier than others.

Angie Bailey  |  Apr 18th 2013

Cats have no trouble catching Z’s and can fall asleep most anywhere. It’s a weird behavior trait for sure. Sometimes my cats nod off while standing up, which is a humor in motion. You know what I mean, right? The eye blinks steadily slow until the lids completely drop. Then kitty’s body begins bobbing a little from side to side. Sometimes his eyes pop open and he pretends he wasn’t really sleeping. Once, my poor Cosmo fell off the arm of the sofa while sleep-standing. Of course, he emerged unruffled, sporting the whole, “I totally meant to do that” look. And I, of course, feigned obliviousness.

Sleep-standing is one funny way cats sleep, but there are way more dozing doozies out there – here are 10 of them.

1. How?

This is one relaxed cat. How did she even get to this position? Was she sleep-standing on the woman’s shoulder and then somehow flopped? Was she curled around the woman’s neck and then dropped? Was she sleeping somewhere else and then someone placed her on the woman’s shoulder? I have so many questions about this photo.

2. Just eww!

Usually, dogs’ habits are a bit more disgusting that those of cats, but I have to say the kitties are neck and neck with the pooches with the stinky-shoe love. Not only is this cat a major shoe-huffer, he crashes with his snout firmly lodged inside the foul footwear. Every single inhalation smells of sweaty feet — it’s like the opposite of an oxygen mask. Can you imagine what kind of messed-up dreams that would produce?

3. Poochie pillow

This kitty is catching a nap on top of a dog, who is also catching a nap. The doggy obviously doesn’t mind the guest, and it’s a sweet photo. You know, sleeping on a dog is not unlike dozing on a pile of warm laundry — in fact it’s even better. Dogs are always soft and warm; laundry gets cold after a while. Dogs smell worse than clean laundry, but hey — a cat will sleep with his face in a putrid shoe.

4. Literary lounging

My cats also sleep on top of books, and I often wonder how that could be cozy to them. The books are usually hard-bound and a variety of sizes, which makes for a bumpy, seemingly uncomfortable surface. Maybe if a cat positions his body just right, the book bumps hit pressure points. So it’s sort of like going to a spa for an acuppressure treatment. Now it all makes sense.

5. Firmly planted

Cats love containers, so of course potted plants make a great nest for napping. Not only is the pot cozy, the surrounding greenery makes the cat feel like she is on a relaxing tropical vacation. Because cats obviously need more down time. On a serious note, please make sure kitty-accessible pots are filled with cat-friendly plants.

6. A tunnel of snooze

It’s no secret that kitties love to crawl inside tight spaces. This baby found herself inside a cardboard tube and decided it was a great place for a snooze. I’m claustrophobic, and this photo makes me hyperventilate a little bit. I’d make a terrible cat.

7. Lettin’ it all hang out

This sleeping cat has some grievances to air … or maybe it’s just his loins. Whatever the case, he looks like he settled in to do a bit of squirrel-watching and then fell asleep. It reminds me of some sporty guy kicked back in a recliner, falling asleep watching the Sunday game.

8. The sleep of invisibility

First of all, I guarantee this cat thinks he’s invisible to everyone. And as every cat worth his salt knows, “If I can’t see you, you can’t see me.” I also think it would be funny to see his sleeping cat head from the other side of the window. I wonder whether the birds and squirrels think, “Hey! There’s a giant cat head!”

9. Screen time

This is one comfortable cat. The top of the computer screen was warm and, because he had to have his eye on you at all times, this was the perfect place to nap. He doesn’t want his human to forget about him, even though she’s looking at photos of him online. His paws are blocking the screen just enough to be annoying, but not enough to have to move them … because he looks too darn cute.

10. Strange brew

There is no part of this position that looks comfy, but at one point, this cat had to think, “This is a great spot for a nap!” I have to admit I’d love to wake up seeing that little belly hanging between two coffee pots. That’s probably the first and last time I’ll ever type that sentence.

Is your cat a funny sleeper? Tell us about it in the comments!

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