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Lil Bub Braves a Big Bear in a New Photo Series

Lil Bub has lots going on in any given day. She's among the cutest cats on Earth, after all.

Liz Acosta  |  Jan 17th 2013

A day in the life of Lil Bub is one full of wonder and mystery. Mysteries such as, “How is it possible that somekitty as angelic as Bub can exist in this world? How does Bub move? What does Bub eat? What is Bub staring at with such wide-eyed curiosity? Is Bub made of marshmallows? Or of the hopes and dreams of children around the world? If Bub spoke, would it sound like the laughter of babies? What is Bub’s mission on planet Earth? Is Bub the key to world peace?”

These are the kinds of questions that come to mind when beholding Lil Bub’s otherworldly countenance. These questions ultimately elude answers, so just continue to look into the face of love that is Bub, and feel at peace.

Recently Bub unleashed her gloriousness on photographer Cyrus Marshall for DITLO. Marshall photographed Bub throughout her day, which included an encounter with an angry bear, which Bub subdued with the sheer power of her childlike gaze (and a coy wink).

She also received fans with quiet grace and dignity, her paws curled under in the semi-loaf position.

She posed for a fashion shoot, as well, and she led a meeting about the Most Important Cats of All Time — as if we really needed a meeting to decide that, but Lil Bub is nothing if not democratic. As you can see, she won by a landslide.

Photos by Cyrus Marshall via DITLO, story via Lil Bub’s Tumblr