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On Monday Morning, Barney the Cat Daydreams of Vacation

This Russian Blue yearns for a luxury vacation, but he'll need big money. Watch his music video.

Liz Acosta  |  Dec 3rd 2012

We don’t have to tell you that cats are the stars of the Internet. If only they had thumbs on those adorable little paws, they could sign multimillion dollar deals with music agents and then Britney Spears would totally be out of work. Possessing vocal chords would also help them, too, but hey! Who’s concerned with the details? Certainly not us — or Barney!

Every day is vacation for cats. Have you ever seen a cat lift a paw to help do any work? No! Those freeloaders don’t even pay rent, and they expect us to clean up after them all the time. And we do! Because they’re cute!

But this Russian Blue is still going to dream of being on vacation, even though he gets room service every day. That’s not entitlement — that’s ambition. Barney the cat wants to go to the tropics and visit the giant litter boxes they have there. You can get a drink on the beach and poop anywhere you like. What luxury!

But first, in order to go on vacation, Barney has to make money. So he sings a song about “getting busy” making money. We’re not sure how cats make money, but there you go.