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Cherry Pop, the Glam Cat of the ’80s, Could Get Her Own Movie

The celebri-cat had a Rolls Royce, appeared on TV -- and helped animals in need.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 13th 2012

Move over Choupette — Cherry Pop is the World’s Fanciest Cat, and it looks like she’s going to get her own movie.

Before Choupette was even a sparkle in her mama’s mama’s mama’s eye, there was a fancy-pants Persian kitty named Cherry Pop, who used to drive around in luxury cars and make guest appearances on ’80s talk shows. While Choupette might have two maids to attend to her every whim, Cherry Pop had a whole entourage, a mini Rolls Royce (she never bothered to get her driver’s license though; driving is sooo pedestrian), her own bedroom, and filet mignon for every meal. She only drank Evian water. Every year Cherry Pop’s family would throw her a big ol’ red-carpet birthday bash. Cherry Pop makes Choupette look like “new money.”

But Cherry Pop wasn’t only about the glitz and the glam (as awesome as that stuff is) — all her efforts were in the name of raising awareness for animals in need. Cherry Pop’s parents were two South Florida socialites named Huey and Vi Vanek, and they loved helping other animals as well as their redhead Persian.

Filmmaker Kareem Tabsch wants to make a documentary about the special life of Cherry Pop, but he needs help. He’s using Kickstarter to raise money to fund his project, and he’s offering a host of cool rewards for backers.

Want to make the Cherry Pop documentary a reality? Check out his Kickstarter page here.