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Cat Loves Ferret, and Ferret Loves Cat. Awwww!

Watch a cat and a ferret play out their forbidden love this series of videos -- they snuggle, quarrel, and sit down to a lovely dinner!

Liz Acosta  |  Jun 29th 2012

Breaking species barriers and demonstrating how love conquers all, Mercy Mercy Mr. Percy and Miss Roxy Ferret prove that nothing is impossible. The natural enemies are seen here canoodling and sharing what some might some call a forbidden affair.

Well, it would actually be forbidden here at Catster HQ — ferrets are illegal in California. But for Percy and Roxy in their home state of Washington, kitty-ferret love is totally legal. So snuggle on, you star-crossed lovers. Roxy is so contented you might even mistake her for dead if it wasn’t for her snoring!

While Mercy Mercy Mr. Percy and Roxy Ferret may get along great, sometimes dealing with Roxy’s family proves a little hairy. Like any family, they occasionally get into minor quarrels. But it seems they’ve developed a healthy game of “Whack a Ferret” to help sort out their differences. See now? All better!

With all arguments dissolved into laughter, Percy and Roxy’s family break bread and sit down to a happy, peaceful dinner together. After all, there’s nothing more unifying than a delicious meal. Especially if that meal doesn’t include ferret on the menu.

Now their table manners? That’s another matter entirely. Well, we guess it’s fewer dishes to wash in the end!