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So How Many of You Want This Cat Couch in Your Living Room?

Instead of having a cat curl up in your lap, why don't you curl up in a cat's lap with this giant cat couch.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 30th 2013

So I recently celebrated a grown up accomplishment: I bought a new couch. No, the couch is not heirloom quality and I had to assemble it myself, but it’s red! And petite! And looks perfect in my living room! Also, it came in a giant box. And then — I couldn’t help myself — I sat in the box. Because: Cats.

But had I the living room space, what I’d have is this magnificent cat couch. And then I’d curl up with my cat on the cat couch and it would be so meta the universe would explode.

Actually, what makes this couch even cooler in addition to being cat-shaped is it’s part of an art installation in Belgium. The concept: Invite artists to breathe new life into vacant apartment buildings, meditating on the artifacts that make our spaces what they are.

The design studio Unfold was inspired by the retro cat-themed wallpaper that adorned their child’s room in a temporary living space. The piece, called Felis Domesticus, is a role reversal of sorts, imagining what it would be like if we were in the cat’s position, wandering into a cat’s home.

The bathroom contains a projection of a cat drinking from a bathtub faucet, another room features the wallpaper that served as inspiration for the piece, while two other rooms feature the skeletons of the cat’s meals and the result of the cat’s play with yarn.

Pretty cool, right? How have cats inspired your art?

Photos via Unfold, h/t io9

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